My Advice to Millennial Mamas

photo credit: pixababy

We live in the age of information overload. Where one has immediate access to the latest research, tips and advice on how to effectively parent and raise a child. On one hand, this information can be reassuring and super convenient. I mean in the midst of a 2:00 A.M. dilemma we don’t think twice before pulling out our phones and searching, “What to do for gassy newborn”. And there you have it, right there at your finger tips, a long list of how to get that baby burping and pooping like a college frat boy. Perfect, right?!


In addition to the ease of the Google search, we also have the option of texting another mama or posting the question to a mom group on social media. It’s that simple. Knowledge is power. It’s reassuring to know we are not alone in our choices as we now have the ability to connect to others who are not physically with us.  In this way, one could say being a millennial mama is easier than it was for our parents and grandparents.


But on the other side of this plethora of information, research and advice is an overwhelming sense of confusion over what is “best”. It starts from the moment your child enters the world. You read all the articles and hear every opinion on how your baby should eat, sleep, poop, and blink. And so there you are left with all this information. Tons of information. So much information you don’t even know what to do.


Your search continues and soon you discover all this information is contradictory. That this article claims that Method 1 has devastating, lasting consequences that lead to A, B and D. And this article has scientific evidence that proves Method 2 leads to C, E and your child’s nose falling off! Now how the hell do you know which intervention, method and technique is right, when they all claim to be the “best” practice and conclude that the other methods have negative outcomes? Well, f*ck….now what?! Exactly….!


So you end up up picking a method, practice what it preaches and in the back of your anxiety-filled mind hope for the love of God that you are doing it right. You are optimistic, but can’t help but second guess yourself and the choices you have made.

me and G

But you know what? The very best way, the guaranteed right way to raising your child is you do what works for you. Simple as that. We all have our own opinions, backgrounds and way of living this life. We are all different. What works for one mama, won’t work for the next. As long as that child is safe, fed, loved, cared for and respected they’re going to be okay.


So my advice to millennial mamas: Go with the flow, trust your gut and do YOU.