What To Do When There Is Too Much To Do

Life. Day in and day out. It often feels like our to-do list never ever ends. When we actually stop and think about all we need to do it can be quite overwhelming. So overwhelming we don’t even know where to begin. And so we don’t begin, or we may start something and then get side-tracked and move on to something completely different. Sometimes we may end up engaging in other activities just to avoid what really needs to be done. Before you know it the day is over and you’re left feeling even more stressed and in a funk. And the cycle continues. I’ve been there. I hate that funk. It sucks. It really does. So here are my 6 tips on what to do when there is so much to do:
1) SET GOALS: Write down your goals for the day. Yes, pick up that pen and write them on a piece of paper. Don’t have paper? No prob, Bob! Write it down on that piece of junk mail or even a diaper. Yes, I once tried to write on a diaper. I was desperate. It actually didn’t work, so I advise using the junk mail instead. Bottom line: being clear and writing them down is a great way to organize your thoughts and commit to them.
2) KEEP IT SIMPLE: Choose 1-3 small goals for the day. Yes, your to-do list is long, but you have to take it one…step…at…a…time. Prioritize!!
3) MAKE THEM ATTAINABLE: Make sure your goals can be done in the time allotted. We often set such high standards for ourselves that are unrealistic. When we don’t reach them we feel unaccomplished, inadequate and even more frustrated. Be gentle with yourself. You are human. Unfortunately, there is only so much time in the day. Set yourself up for success, sista!
4) SHIFT YOUR MINDSET: If we believe that a goal is do-able and that we are capable of accomplishing it, we are more likely to commit to it and follow through. Believe in your abilities. Positive mindset is a powerful tool!
5) FOCUS ON ONE GOAL AT A TIME: It is so stinkin’ easy to start one task and get side-tracked with another. I am sooooo guilty of this. Something pops into your head as you are preparing your family fun Taco Tuesday dinner night. You leave that half sliced avocado like it’s hot and run to your laptop to send that overdue email to a coworker. In the midst of opening up your email you once again get sidetracked by that article on what the Kardashians named their new baby boy….and oh, wait, we’ve lost you…AGAIN! Once you pick a goal, stick with it and for goodness sakes follow it through! If you shift from one task to another you end up with nothing completed. A lot of things started, but nothing to show for it. The time will have flown by and you’ll be looking down at your list on your kid’s diaper with nothing checked off. Which leads to my last tip…
6) CHECK THEM OFF: Once a goal is completed, cross it the eff off! Check it off! Put a line across it so hard that you can’t see what you wrote! Seeing that we accomplished what we set out to do can be very fulfilling and can increase our self-esteem. And get this: It can even lead to you feeling more motivated to take on the next task at hand…the never ending mound of laundry sprawled all over your bed and floor. The dog is in there. Somewhere.
Best of luck!